BICOL EXPRESS : pork belly cooked in coconut milk with garlic, onion, SPICY chilies, shrimp paste, & spinach. Served with rice. **SPICY** $8

UBE MOCHI PANCAKES: (available on some Sundays, call us!) Stack of 3 ube (purple yam) sweet rice flour pancakes, topped with powdered sugar, sweetened condensed milk drizzle & housemade ube butter $5.50

SILOGS: (available on some Sundays, call us!) Various Filipino breakfast meats, served with garlic fried rice & an over-easy egg. Options may include:
-TOCILOG (tocino- sweet cured pork) $8.50
-LONGSILOG (longanisa- Filipino sausage) $8.50
- THE TRIFECTA (all 3 meats) $10.50


Our dessert menu changes weekly and sometimes daily. Below is a sampling of what we have on most days. Call us to Confirm Availability.


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*menu & prices subject to change